Belle | Pastel Floral Wall Hanging

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A burst of everything, resulting in a beautiful and lush wall decoration.


The combination of pampas grass, yellow palm and muehlenbeckia branches gives this wall decor a dramatic tropical base. 

Calm colours and texture make this a stunner.



  • Muehlenbeckia 
  • Straw flower 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Hopbush 
  • Hydrangea
  • Baby’s breath 
  • Larkspur 
  • Phylica 
  • Yellow palm 
  • Pampas grass 
  • Red silky oak 
  • Limonium 
  • Erica 

Measurements: 150(W) x 120(H) cm

It's a perfect accessory to refresh any interior space, and its long-lasting foliage ensures a lasting impact. 

If you are looking for a commissioned piece that works perfectly for your space, please contact Nadya directly at


Auckland wide delivery.